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What to do if the AF is high? Tips for getting sober

The thrill of smoking weed for the first time can soon make you regret the experience and swear off marijuana for life. The same can happen when eating edibles and you have no idea how much is enough.

The rush of the euphoric high sometimes leads even seasoned users of cannabis products to take too much and get excessively high.

Therefore, you need to know what to do if it is too high. While most marijuana overdoses are more frightening than life-threatening, this is an experience that should not be repeated. However, if you’re already shaken and you’re not in the mood to fight to keep your sanity, you need to get over it quickly.

This article provides tips to help you manage this phase and get back to normal as soon as possible.

How should a high ideal feel?

People smoke, vape, eat edibles, or apply cannabis topical creams for various purposes. How high they feel depends on many variables and their specific needs.

For example, using a marijuana high for pain relief produces a different feeling than using it to combat stress and anxiety.

These individuals have different expectations and different physiological makeup. That’s why the ideal and relaxing high are different.

Nevertheless, cannabis products get you high due to their THC content. THC is the part of marijuana that is responsible for the psychoactive effects. It makes you feel euphoric and fun, ‘up in the clouds’. The THC concentration of a cannabis product is the main determinant of how high you feel.

Other factors include:

  • The delivery method of choice, be it smoking, vaping, edible or topical
  • How often you use cannabis products
  • Your body composition
  • The presence of other drugs and toxic substances in the body
  • The last meal before taking the cannabis product
  • Your age and gender

What are the dangers of going too high?

Marijuana is like any other drug in that not everyone should use it. Some will always have pleasant experiences, while others will not. Also, newbies can have intense reactions that can be scary.

With the right approach, the situation can turn into a pleasant experience, or it can remain so. Either way, nothing good comes from consuming too many cannabis products.

Physical dangers of high blood pressure include high blood pressure, fast heartbeat, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting.

Emotionally and psychologically, you may feel anxious and confused, and experience delusions and hallucinations. You may also panic, become paranoid, and fall into psychosis.

Although most symptoms may not be fatal, their physical and psychological effects predispose to more danger. For example, psychosis may cause self-harm or harm to others and get into trouble.

Also, Good Samaritans may use the wrong remedy, further compromising your health and well-being.

What to do if the AF is high

If you find yourself going too high, you should take some precautions to minimize the damage. It also speeds up the return to normal:

We understand that this is probably the last thing you feel like you can handle, but it goes a long way. Thinking too much about the impending effects causes panic, which usually leads to a downward spiral.

Most psychological reactions are all in the head, and controlling them gives you the opportunity to do something about the physical reactions.

For example, you may feel short of breath, but this is just a feeling. Cannabis does not inhibit the functioning of the respiratory system.

Therefore, avoid panic to allow yourself to breathe well instead of denying your body oxygen through fear.

You can expect to feel calm, drowsy, and even drowsy. After avoiding the panic, you should try to sleep.

No bodily function or system will malfunction while sleeping, which is an irrational fear. So take the time to let yourself feel relaxed and give your body a chance to fight the overdose.

Alternatively, or after resting and sleeping, you should eat something. Rodents perfectly explain why this is a good idea.

Filling the belly helps raise blood sugar, which counteracts the lowering effect of THC. Therefore, eating helps to minimize the high and balance the effects of THC.

Note that eating will not immediately reduce high levels, but will help bring them down to a manageable level. You still need to work on other areas, but eating is a step in the right direction.

Then water must be poured into the system. THC tends to dehydrate the body, and drinking water counteracts this effect. Also, water helps flush THC out of the system.

Drinking coffee is an excellent alternative. Coffee is a stimulant that has the opposite effect of THC. The more alert you are, the less likely you are to act in a harmful or disrespectful way.

Remember that drinking coffee puts more water in your body, effectively counteracting the dehydration from THC.

You have to take your thoughts away from how your body handles the high. Engage in activities such as listening to soft music, sitting on the back porch, doing simple chores or watching a movie.

Make sure you do something simple and relaxing. This is not the time to trim hedges or prepare meals for the week.

Also, avoid operating machinery, including driving. Your judgment is impaired and these activities produce much worse results. The idea is to temporarily forget that you are incredibly high.

CBD changes the structure of the CB1 receptor binding sites, making it impossible for THC to bind to the endocannabinoid system.

CBD thus counteracts the effects of THC in the body; reducing the chance of more THC becoming active in the system.

Therefore, if you have some CBD oil, now is the time to take it.

Use the fastest delivery method, such as sublingually or by steaming. You should feel its effect as quickly as possible.

There is no science that explains why this works or guarantees that it will. However, most individuals report that they are effective in maintaining at least vigilance.

A cold shower shocks your body and resets its response to THC. The change in temperature also helps offset the effects of THC.

Your body produces more adrenaline to combat the temperature change, which in turn burns off some of the THC. Therefore, for faster results, keep it as cold as your body can tolerate.

Certain foods contain substances needed for aromatherapy that have been shown to be effective. For example, limonene found in lemons has anti-stress properties that calm the mind.

Lemon juice works well, or you can also eat lemon slices. The juice will be refreshing and help with hydration.

Pinene has sedative properties that are useful at this time. Therefore, take a walk in the forest or park to smell it in nature, or replace it if you have it in the house.

Some black pepper is also ideal. You probably have black pepper in the house, which is a rich source of caryophyllene. This aromatherapy substance significantly reduces the effect of THC in the body.

Don’t forget to alert a friend or neighbor of your fate. It is dangerous to be alone at this time, no matter how prepared you feel. Having someone with you eases tensions.

You may not be aware of your reactions as the THC passes through your system. Therefore, you must keep a watchful eye on yourself to prevent injury to yourself, others, or property damage.

What to avoid while still high

Whatever your excessive euphoria forces you to do, you should avoid activities that can cause far more harm than good.

Here are things to avoid when trying to lower this level:

This is not the time to respond to work emails or any emails. A lightning strike of creativity may strike you, but the result may be different from what you imagined.

So try to relax and do the things mentioned above. When the euphoria wears off, you’ll have plenty of time to work.

Do not attempt to meet with prospective clients or social acquaintances or honor any other appointments. You may be able to get away with looking sane in a crowd, but your date will know right away that something is wrong.

Imagine if it was a vital meeting and your boss realized you were completely burnt out.

Driving and operating heavy machinery is a highly dangerous activity. This puts your own life and that of other drivers at risk.

The punishment will be dire if the police find you driving high. So avoid such risks and stay at home. Ask someone to drive you or take a taxi if you need to go.

  • Avoid exciting activities

Your mind is not in the right state to logically process excitement. Therefore, you should avoid activities that may excite you.

For example, now is not the time to go to the cinema. The big screen, surround sound and plot twists will cause you to panic or experience psychosis.

  • Make important decisions

Focus on becoming more and more calm about deciding our future. You must have heard of people who went to get tattoos with strangers when they were old. Imagine the regret they felt the next day.

Don’t be like them. This is not the time to call your ex to patch things up or buy those bitcoins you’ve been eyeing.

Some people enjoy this excessive high feeling and become greedy and chase more. No matter how experienced you are with cannabis, don’t try to get high when you’re already too high, which isn’t a great combination.

Marijuana abuse is harmful to your physical and mental health. If you want to enjoy this wonderful plant, you need to exercise in moderation. This starts with managing your current condition and avoiding any chance of making it worse.

How do you get too high in the first place?

When you focus on what to do and what to avoid when you’re too high, you need to consider what got you there. This will help you avoid future incidents.

It takes some research and experience to understand what works for you. In the meantime, you probably got high AF because of:

Sativa is known for its dynamic, physical, almost manic effects on the body when it gets high. Hybrid strains also cause similar reactions when consumed in higher doses. Indica strains typically produce a calmer, mellow high.

  • You smoked or smoked THC

First-time marijuana users usually have a hard time dealing with the almost immediate effects of THC. Ingesting cannabis products through the respiratory system is the fastest way to feel their effects.

  • You didn’t give Edibles time to react

Edibles last the longest and you feel like you haven’t eaten enough. This is a mistake, as adding more doses means overdosing.

Once you start to experience the high, your body has to process an even larger dose and you will feel terrible.

You will feel too high if you drink alcohol before smoking marijuana. Your body is already intoxicated, so strong substances like cannabis can work quickly and overwhelm you.


Before anything else, make sure the product you are using has less THC; the legal amount is 0.3%. Enjoy the benefits of Pineapple Express safely at home. Not all states legalize the use of marijuana, so be careful. You can search CBD Gummies for the same.

Marijuana produces an amazingly high value that you may need if you do it right. There’s always the chance that you’ll get too high and not know what to do.

This article analyzes what can lead to this condition and what you can do to save the situation. You’ll also find tips to help you avoid further problems and think about what not to do if you’re still too high.

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