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Partner store registration instructions


Create accountIn order to join the Budlers system, you first need to register.
Fill in the information in the form, then choose from our subscription packages. Our free package is recommended for those who want to try the features of Budlers without obligation. In the Starter package, you can upload 10 products, and we also provide a free banner upload option, which will appear in limited numbers on our local pages. (15 times a month) After we have successfully filled out everything, we can move on to the next step.


Configuring the appearance of a partner storeWe provide each of our registered partners with a unique page, which customers can access at the URL address provided during registration. (Eg: This page can be customized as desired, on the store manager’s admin interface. Our contact information, social profile links, our own products are displayed on our own page, and customers can contact the store directly. Registered community members can even follow our store to keep up to date with the store’s news.


Creation of product feed export and import of productsAfter we have successfully set everything up, the next step is to fill our shop page with the products of our online store. This requires the generation of a unique product feed. The output format of the feed is more appropriate if it is created in xml, but CSV format can also be used.

The feed must contain the following values:
ID: The product’s unique (ID) identifier
type: external – The product type should be an external / partner product.
name: Short name of the product
description: Full description of the product. The description must not contain any formatting or HTML codes!
Visibility in catalog: visible – Visibility in the catalog – Visible
In stock?: 1 – So yes, the product is in stock. (1 is yes, 0 is no)
Regular price: The normal (gross) selling price of the product, which includes VAT.
Sale price: The (gross) sale price of the product, which includes VAT.
Categories: The category of the product. It is important that it does not have to contain the entire hierarchy, only the one in which the product is included, for example: CBD Oil or CBD Flower
Images: The opening image of the product and its image gallery. (If there are more)
External URL: The URL link to the product, which immediately takes the customer to the product page.
Button text: The text of the product’s purchase button. This can be optionally customized.
Store: The name of our store specified during registration. It is important that this value is entered exactly the same as when we registered on the site, so both upper and lower case letters matter.

If you have managed to create the individual product feed, upload it to the main directory of our hosting, or to a place from which it can be accessed based on a URL address. And when finished this process, please send your link in email to email adress.
For example:, or
When creating the feed, it is important not to use pre-configured schemes, because they were invented for a completely different system. (eg google shopping) If we create the feed based on this, the Budlers system cannot accept it.

Useful tools:
Mergado converter – Using Mergado, we can easily convert xml received from any platform. With the help of the tool, we can convert the xml feed into several output formats. The only drawback is that it can only be created for Woocommerce in CSV format.

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