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MLB initiates sponsorship deal with CBD brand Charlotte Web – NBC10 Philadelphia

MLB initiates sponsorship deal with Charlotte’s Web CBD brand originally published NBC Sports Chicago

CBD has become an official part of Major League Baseball.

Charlotte’s Web, a CBD company, and the league have entered into an exclusive multi-year agreement, MLB announced Wednesday. The sponsorship marks the first time one of the four major US sports leagues has signed a deal with a CBD brand.

Charlotte’s Web makes gummies, pills, tinctures and topical sprays that contain CBD, a compound found in marijuana. to help users stay calm, maintain focus, support recovery and aid sleep.

“We are excited about the opportunities this partnership has to offer as CBD becomes a more widespread part of health and wellness for our players and fans,” the league said in a statement. Press release.

In June, MLB officially allowed clubs to partner with CBD companies that are NSF-certified for sports, meaning the products will pass muster. “Strict quality control” to be allowed for athletes. Although the Food and Drug Administration has not certified CBD materials, MLB has placed full “confidence” in the NSF to form the partnership.

On Wednesday, Charlotte’s Web launched MLB Sport – Daily Edge Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Tincture, which it says contains “Charlotte’s Web premium hemp extract, carrier oil and flavoring. This is it.” The bottle features the MLB logo.

MLB has stated that it is seeking a partnership with CBD, which it has almost achieved 4.7 billion dollars Providing health and wellness benefits to players and fans across the board in 2021.

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