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Make marijuana legalization the number one issue

As a Republican who is a fiscal conservative, I am voting for Deidre DeJear in November because of one issue. This is one of the problems with the legalization of cannabis or marijuana.

The Republican leadership has no interest in legalizing marijuana. Gov. Kim Reynolds has said she will not be the governor to legalize marijuana because she believes it is a gateway drug.

If Reynolds wins the election and Republicans retain control, Iowa will be the only remaining state in the Midwest that has not legalized marijuana or THC-infused products. In November, South Dakota, Missouri, North Dakota and Oklahoma will vote to legalize marijuana.

Unfortunately, in Iowa, this issue cannot be placed on the ballot for voters to decide. Given that opportunity, the Republicans would lose and the Democrats would win. In fact, Donald Trump warned the Republican leadership to make the legalization of marijuana an issue because it “brought in about a million people that nobody ever knew would come out.”

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If DeJear and the Democrats want to win Iowa in November, they need to make marijuana legalization their number one issue because it will bring out voters no one expected.

Michael Anthony, Waterloo

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