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Kissimmee Christian’s Pumpkin Vine | Osceola News Gazette


“I don’t see how a pumpkin patch could be more honest than this” as they said in The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

A quick look at the intersection of North Main and Brack streets in downtown Kissimmee reveals yet another church building. But a gnarled vine emerges from St. Augustine’s patch of grass, embodying the lawn of the Kissimmee Christian Church with pumpkin vines.

Before Hurricane Ian, an heirloom pumpkin was placed on the St. Augustine lawn in the middle of the Kissimmee Christian Church grounds. Most people would say it’s unfortunate that it’s rotten. Inside the rot, the pumpkin seeds made themselves at home and sat three ways across the lawn, creating a “Kissimmee Pumpkin Vine”.

“After a week the gardeners came, it rained, they had to come back the next week,” said church student Lance Spencer. “They came back and there was a plant that grew taller than the grass. So I got permission from my bosses. I said, ‘I can get them to not cut it down with this plant.’ So now we have this squash vine on the lawn.

Kissimmee Christian Church is preparing to open its Halloween pumpkin patch on October 16 at another location on the property. The spot will be taken to the “Boo on Broadway” Halloween event on October 28th for a photo shoot. As for the “Kissimmee Pumpkin Vine,” Spencer says, “it’s staying because of the photo opportunities in Kissimmee and the surrounding areas.”

Much like the 2018 Christmas Weed in Toledo, Ohio, the Kissimmee Pumpkin Vine was just as unexpected. The community and residents are encouraged to take photos and water as the church was not designed to maintain the autumnal atmosphere.

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