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Honeydew Farms specializes in pure, environmentally conscious California cannabis

Although the farm is surrounded by plenty of natural water from the Mattole River, Honeydew Creek, and Beartrap Creek, Honeydew Farms never uses this water to grow cannabis.

In addition, the team selects only the best organic additions to create their living, healthy soil, which they later recycle. The result is nutrient-rich, thriving and clean soil that grows the best pesticide-free and lab-tested medical cannabis.

Honeydew Farms also provides cultivation services, but in terms of products, it is definitely worth trying out its various flowering options and pre-rolls. Maybe you own a pharmacy and want to share these delicious botanicals with your customers; Luckily, Honeydew Farms sells its products wholesale.

We hope we’ve made your next visit to the surgery a little less stressful. For more information about Honeydew Farms, visit their website at:

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