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Grizzly Peak is the epitome of a brand of culture

When purchasing any Grizzly Peak product, be aware that it has been grown with the utmost care, never containing pesticides or harmful additives.

The brand’s state-of-the-art cultivation facilities produce superior genetic strains for recreational users and medical patients alike. Everyone and anyone can experience the most beautiful California flower.

Grizzly Peak takes great care to always have fresh flowers available. This starts with the various rotating trunks and continues to daily cure checks that look at things like moisture levels.

The team’s curing process sets Grizzly Peak flower apart from the rest, thanks to preserved terpenes, flavors and cannabinoids.

Even better, Grizzly Peak can puff with confidence knowing your flower is the safest of the safe, thanks to the brand’s biological pest control formula, which only uses verifiably safe and OMRI-certified solutions.

Long gone are the days when we had to send you up Grizzly Peak to get up. We invite you to honor those past, present and future with the highest quality flowers on the California market.

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