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ECSU hosts the first regional cannabis conference

October 13 – As the number of cannabis programs at colleges continues to grow, Eastern Connecticut State University will host the first New England Cannabis Research and Education Conference on October 21-22.

The conference is the first scientific conference in Connecticut to focus on cannabis studies. The theme of the conference, which is open to the general public, is “Plant cultivation: Helping people”. Eastern developed a smaller program, “Cannabis Cultivation and Chemistry,” the first of its kind in Connecticut.

The University of Connecticut’s College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources has some cannabis horticulture courses.

The first course started in the spring of 2019.

On October 21st, UConn Plant Science Professor Gerald Berkowitz will give a plenary address at 7pm in the Eastern Student Center.

His presentation was entitled “Molecular Analysis of Cannabinoid Biosynthetic Genes: How Hormones, Environmental Signals, and Transcription Factors Can Increase the THC (or CBD) Content of Cannabis.”

Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Director Jason White will speak at noon on Oct. 22 in the Science Building Auditorium, Room 104. Adults use cannabis.”

Several panel discussions will take place on October 22, and the speakers will include scientific, legal, medical and business experts.

Panel topics include: cannabis business and employment opportunities; cannabis as medicine; sustainable cannabis cultivation; the chemistry and testing of cannabis; the legalization of cannabis; plant management; and starting university cannabis programs.

There will be two university research panels during the conference.

The conference will also include a poster session for students and faculty in Room 301 of the Science Building.

The session will feature posters on cannabis research.

Participants can also visit the cannabis greenhouse.

Information about cannabis-related businesses in the area will be available in the Exhibit Hall in the lobby of the Science Building.

They are still looking for businesses to be exhibitionists or sponsors.

People can register or sign up to be a business sponsor until the day of the conference. The conference is free for all college students.

Students from Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont and New York have already signed up.

Registration is $50 for academics and the general public and $200 for businesses in the Exhibit Hall. Registration is available through NECREC on the east side. showare. com/ NECREC.

Students must register at

Registration and sponsorship are valid until the day of the event.

Inquire about exhibition and sponsorship opportunities by e-mail

The conference is sponsored by Mr Nice Guy Cannabis grow and garden supply store, The Botanist, ECSU Foundation, Inc., SweetHeal, Willlimantic Food Co-Op and Leading Edge Construction.

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