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CO officials celebrate 10 years of legal cannabis (Newsletter: October 13, 2022)

the Colombian legalization bill was approved; KS medical marijuana hearing; A preview of cannabis and psychedelics on Election Day

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Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D), Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock (D) attended an event celebrating the 10-year anniversary of marijuana legalization — despite the latter two unsuccessfully campaigning against the cannabis initiative at the time.

  • Activists presented the governor with a giant check representing the more than $2.2 billion in adult-use cannabis tax and fee revenue the state has collected since legal sales began. Hickenlooper, meanwhile, announced that he will soon introduce legislation to create a federal task force to examine national rules for the regulated cannabis market after Prohibition expires.

House of Representatives of Colombia initially approved a bill to legalize marijuana. Cabinet officials, including the justice and interior ministers, testified in favor of the reform.

The Kansas Legislature’s Select Committee on Medical Marijuana held its first three scheduled hearings to begin preparing the 2023 legalization bill. Lawmakers heard testimony from state agencies, law enforcement and an official from neighboring Oklahoma.

Marijuana Moment has a comprehensive overview of Election Day of the five states that will vote next month to legalize marijuana, and one of the states that will vote to legalize psychedelics. We also look at several states where voters will decide on local decriminalization measures against cannabis.

The Little Rock, Arkansas Police Department is demanding that the state’s marijuana legalization campaign not air an ad touting cannabis revenue going to law enforcement because of concerns the spot would falsely imply the department’s support for the measure.


Vice President Kamala Harris “We urge governors and states to take the lead and pardon those convicted of simple possession of marijuana.”

THE Department of Health and Human Services The spokesman said the president had ordered “urgent action to be taken to review the classification of marijuana.”

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) He tweeted: “President Biden’s pardon and action on marijuana possession charges will make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of families and communities. The road ahead is long, but we are much closer to justice.”

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) He tweeted about Vice President Kamala Harris’ record on marijuana.

Repeat. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) tweeted, “Black and brown people disproportionately arrested for possession of marijuana. This is a big step for social justice by @POTUS.”

Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) He tweeted: “Cannabis should not be the #1 drug – period.”

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) He tweeted: “The time has come to legalize cannabis nationwide.”

Former Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D-TN) said he has “not a lot of faith” in President Joe Biden’s marijuana reform move.


Rhode Island During a debate, Gov. Dan McKee (D) and Republican challenger Ashley Kalus both said they would support allowing marijuana dispensaries to operate in their cities.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster (R) applauded a hemp company’s decision to open an indoor grow facility in the state. Separately, deputy governor candidates talked about marijuana during an argument.

Maryland gubernatorial candidates discussed marijuana legalization and industry fairness a debate.

Indiana House Democrats tweeted: “Benefits of a statewide pardon for cannabis possession offenders in jail or prison: 💸 Puts workers back on the job ⚖️ Frees up justice system resources 🏡 Reunites children with their parents and guardians. Let’s do it, @govholcomb.”

Michigan Senate Democrats tweeted: “Michigan has taken steps to reevaluate marijuana laws and implement #CleanSlate reform. We are glad that the national government is following our example.”

THE Washington State representative engaged in “offensive and harassing behavior” and retaliated against a policy analyst for the Social Equity in Cannabis Task Force, which he served as legislative chair, according to a workplace conduct investigation.

The Missouri The Supreme Court said $7 million will be needed to cover the expungement of marijuana-related convictions if a legalization initiative is approved on the November ballot.

The Massachusetts The Cannabis Control Board is scheduled to decide Thursday on final approval of a business that the state’s top marijuana regulator said has relinquished ownership and control through a certification officials have yet to formally process, prompting protests from activists. triggered it.

new York Regulators have been sued over the requirement that social equity fund licensees have in-state marijuana convictions.

Florida regulatory authorities have filed amendments to the hemp rules.

The Virginia The Board for Branch Pilots has filed rule changes to clarify that license applications may be denied if the applicant performs any duties while under the influence of marijuana.

The Minnesota The Pharmaceutical Council said it had received 14 complaints about THC products derived from hemp.

California Regulators have published a list of registered hemp growing businesses.

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New York City officials named Dasheeda Dawson, a member of the Cannabis Regulators of Color Coalition, as the founding director of the city’s new Cannabis NYC initiative.

The San Diego, California The City Council adopted the Cannabis Fairness Rating A mayor tweeted, “My administration is committed to advancing equity. @SDCityCouncil’s adoption of our report on cannabis capital is another step in that effort. It helps share the economic returns of this new industry with our historically disadvantaged communities.”

The Colorado Springs, Colorado The City Council passed a resolution opposing two local ballot measures aimed at legalizing and taxing the sale of recreational marijuana.

The Virginia Beach, Virginia The City Council is taking steps to prepare to regulate the sale of marijuana if state law allows.

Gloucester, Rhode Island Police have issued a warning ahead of Halloween about marijuana edibles that resemble popular food brands.


Saint Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Terrance Drew has expressed concern that his country is lagging behind other Caribbean nations in developing a medical cannabis industry.

Argentina government created a state-owned company to provide seeds, testing, training and other services to the medical cannabis industry.

New South Wales, Australia Legislation to protect medical cannabis patients from DUI misdemeanor charges has been rejected by the Legislative Council.

THE British Virgin Islands The US Drug Enforcement Administration is reportedly investigating the senior government official.

London, England’s According to the police chief, directing people caught with marijuana to community programs instead of arresting them is “a no-brainer.”


One study found that “cannabidiol attenuates generalized tonic-clonic and suppresses limbic seizures in a strain of genetically epilepsy-prone rats (GEPR-3).”

One study found that “for white participants, MDMA and psilocybin use reduced the odds anxiety and suicide results’, but that ‘the association between psychedelic drug use and suicide was much smaller for participants belonging to racial and ethnic minorities’.


The Maryland Democratic Party He tweeted: “Vote YES on Question 4 to legalize and tax adult recreational use of marijuana.”

The Baltimore Sun Editorial Board is urging Maryland voters to approve a referendum to legalize marijuana on the November ballot.

The Boston Globe Editorial Board President Joe Biden needs to do more to reform federal marijuana laws.

Prohibitionist organization Smart Approaches to Marijuana held a briefing on Capitol Hill.

He is a longtime Arkansas marijuana activist Melissa Fultz appeared at a press conference alongside the conservative group Family Council to oppose a cannabis legalization initiative on the November ballot.


COMPASS Pathways plc announced that it is launching the first phase III trial of psilocybin therapy for treatment-resistant depression.

Dutchie launched insurance services for the cannabis industry.

Cookies is accused of potentially violating New York’s cannabis advertising rules with new signs posted on a Manhattan building.

Ayr Wellness Inc. has a new president.

Its subsidiaries TerrAscend Corp. Closed a non-brokered senior secured term loan with gross proceeds of $45.5 million from funds managed by Pelorus Equity Group.


The onion mocked efforts to develop a marijuana breathalyzer.

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