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CARE Coalition offers seminar on dangers of cannabis

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) -The Care Coalition offered a free virtual seminar Thursday night with Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Bertha Madras. Professor of Psychobiology, delivering a presentation on her research on THC and the adolescent brain.

Dr. Madras explained that marijuana use is rising rapidly in the United States, especially people 18-25 years old.

She said that is concerning because those are prime child-bearing ages.

She said this us concerning because offspring of mothers and father who use marijuana have a high likelihood of using marijuana themselves. Dr. Madras also noted a harrowing statistic about cannabis use.

“And children of parents who have a cannabis use disorder are much more likely to attempt suicide and interestingly enough, marijuana ranks first, it ranks ahead of alcohol…It seems that marijuana has this number one probability of making life a little more difficult for the children,” said Dr. Madras.

If you missed the seminar, it will be uploaded to the care collation’s website soon.

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