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Big honor: Bangkok pharmacy organizes the “Cannabis Cup”.

Think you know how to throw a rough blunt? Roll and grow your way to the top when a riverside dispensary hosts the first competitive cannabis event later this year.

The folks over at No Man’s Land said that Cannabis Cup Thailand will feature workshops, music, art and lots of wet weed, as well as 200,000 baht in prizes for the fastest stoners who can roll sick joints and the most popular farmhouse growers.

The competition can be divided into three categories. The first grower of the year requires participants to have a weed license or registration through Plook Ganja App. Contestants must provide photo and/or video evidence that they grow cannabis exclusively in Thailand and provide their strain. Participants must also submit samples for review by December 1st. Those who do not know how to smoke are disqualified and given back the weed.

The second and third categories, Speed ​​​​Roll Joint and Creative Joint, are looking for the most skillful rollers.

Contestants must be at least 20 years old. Sign up for the growing category obsession rolling event online.

The application fee is 420 THB as expected. Tickets are provided with souvenirs and a gram of weed. The semi-finals will start on November 13, followed by the finals on December 10.

Starting as a hidden rooftop bar on the fifth floor of an office building in Charoen Krung, No Man’s Land has expanded into a pharmacy. The hotel has an outdoor smoking balcony lounge, which is closed due to the rainy season, and a lounge area full of bean bags and console games.

Cannabis Cup Thailand
No-man’s land
5th Floor, 1375 Charoen Krung Road, Bang Rak, Silom

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