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Arguments against recreational marijuana flawed

I have read all the arguments about how we the people should not vote in favor of legalizing marijuana. I am here to say, most of the arguments do not hold water, they say marijuana is bad, it will harm family values, we have to protect our children, That is up to the parents to do that. If they believe that keeping marijuana illegal will keep children from experimenting with it they are dreaming, only education will do that. Marijuana has many uses, a friend actually cured his cancer with it. It slows my ADHD so I can function, a good friend has PTSD from Vietnam, he was there one year and was a combat vet and it helps him control it. Marijuana has healing properties and yes if over used it can be a problem but what can’t? My wife is a cannabis RN and has had many classes in the proper use of marijuana and the different kinds and their uses and in the long run marijuana is safer and more effective than opioids in pain remediation. Does it help everyone only that person can truly say but by in large I would say yes. Is marijuana safer than alcohol? Absolutely yes, as a relaxation drug yes it helps, it helps anxiety, insomnia, it helps with cancer patients, helps the pain and also appetite associated with cancer. I have only scratched the surface of its many uses and there are many more, do you own looking into it before you make a decision. If you do not legalize marijuana then perhaps we should make alcohol, which has no medical uses illegal, and we all know how that worked out.

Daniel Wintermeyer, Bismarck

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