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After cooking, the teen sent to the emergency room makes a hamburger laced with THC oil

HIGH SPRINGS, Fla. (WCJB/Gray News ) – A cafeteria worker in Florida has been charged with child neglect after giving a teenager a hamburger laced with high-potency THC oil. High Springs Police Department.

According to police, 29-year-old Lucian Flaitz asked a 15-year-old if he wanted a hamburger cooked in THC oil.

According to the arrest report, Flaitz admitted to police that he cooked the hamburger on purpose Rick Simpson oilwhich contains high amounts of THC derived from marijuana.

According to the police department, an officer found the teenager face down in his bed, unable to walk and passed out.

He was taken to hospital for treatment and discharged the same day.

Tests showed high levels of THC in his blood.

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